Thank you for partnering with us to reach more people with this transformational process. This is an opportunity to be a catalyst for change in the lives of the people in your domain. We want to prepare and equip you to do that, so we are providing everything you need to lead your own Battle for the Heart Introductory Event in your area.

Step By Step | Introductory Event Builder


Video welcome message form Larry (5-8 min)…

  1. Share Some of the Wellspring story/journey that got us to this place. Why are we moving the Intro Event Online?
  2. Cast vision for what we can accomplish together.
  3. Encouragement them that they have what it takes to do this.
  4. Share about how we will partner with them. They are not alone.
  5. Share testimony from someone who has led an Intro Event (perhaps an interview)

Getting Started

  1. Read and sign the Memorandum of Understanding |
  2. Choose your people | Are you aiming to target a small or large group of people? Are you considering inviting a small groups that already exists or interested in inviting individuals that you would like to consider forming a group to come to the Battle for the Heart?
  3. Choose your method of delivery | Given those you want to invite, consider the best location to host this event: in a home, zoom meeting, or at your local church. Regardless the venue, you will want to provide an environment for your participants that: is quiet and allows them to be fully present to God, themselves and the person speaking/the video being shared, has the capacity to play the video clips provided for this event.
  4. Review and consider your resources| Review the outline of the 90 minute Introductory Event and  resource materials in Step 3 on this page. If you have questions or would like additional resources such as copies of brochures for individuals or organizations and leaders please contact us and provide you physical address and request the number of items needed for your event.
  5. Choose your date | Timing is key when hosting your event. We typically host this event on a Sunday afternoon at 3 or 3:30 so that friends can come together and not be rushed as they are coming in from church, work, trying to make it home in time for the big game or aren’t able to make it due to being out of town for the weekend.
  6. Register your event | Let us know your plan. Email us the following information:Your Contact Information, date and time and medium of  your event, and whether this event will be private or open for others interested in learning about the Battle for the Heart to join in. If it is an open event, let us know if we can advertise it on our website.
  7. Invite your people | Consider inviting others through email, a personal phone call or through a church bulletin/ announcement. Be sure to share about the personal impact you have experienced through the Battle for the Heart and why you are inviting them to learn more. If you have an opportunity, ask them to consider inviting others that they might want to be in a Battle group with after attending the event. Don’t forget to send them a reminder of the date, time and location closer to the event to ensure that they don’t forget.
  8. Prepare Personally | Connect with God and ask for His anointing on the event, pray for each person that will be attending
  9. Preparing for the Event | Being fully present: All sessions will be taught via video. Create an atmosphere for participants to be fully present. People need to fully unplug. Have them turn off all other devices. The outside world will try to distract people. Consider whether you would like to build in time for a bathroom break before launching into the personal testimony segment of the event. This will help prevent your participants from missing portions of the event and lower the amount of distractions throughout. Be Prepared:
    • Familiarize yourself with the video resources in Step #3 & test any technology that you will be using to share video and audio throughout your event.
    • Pre-select which testimony you will share for each reality from the resources on Step #3 before the event if there is more than one option available.
    • Consider whether you would like hard copies of brochures from Wellspring Group for individuals or for organizations and leaders. You can certainly utilize the digital versions during the event or in any follow up conversations after the event. Contact Us.
    • Check our website for the latest on upcoming events dates and registration deadlines. You will be sharing these dates and deadlines toward the end of the event.
    • Familiarize yourself with Small Group Discussion|Facilitator Guide noting the 90 minute timeline of the entire event that includes personal reflection times and group discussion times that you will need to facilitate. If you have multiple small groups attending your event, be sure that each person who will be facilitating a small group reviews this resource before the event.
    • Distribute the Participant Handout before your event begins. Distribute printed versions if meeting in person or consider emailing the handout before the event and asking all participants to print out the handout before attending an event.

Outline & Resources

Event Outline and Resource Materials:

1. Welcome, Introduction to the Battle Process and Introduction to the Four Realities.

3. Lord of the Rings Trailer, Reflection & Discussion

  • Watch the Lord of the Rings Trailer
  • Participants fill out the reflection in the handout
  •  Small group discussion (10 min <7 min discussion + 3 min break if needed>): Introductions (if needed) and answer reflection in handout

4. Testimonies on 4 Realities

Utilize the introduction & testimonial videos below to expose the participants to the 4 Realities, elements of the process and the transformational impact of the Battle for the Heart process. Watch videos one at a time and then allow the participants to write their reflection in the handout. After watching a video from each reality, facilitate a small group discussion.

Reality 1

  • Reality 1 Testimony Video (choose one from the options below)
    • Watch the video and allow participants time to write down their response in the handout.

Reality 2

  • Reality 2 Testimony (choose one from the options below)
    • Watch the video and allow participants time to write down their response in the handout.

Reality 3

  • Reality 3 Testimony (choose one from the options below)
    • Watch the video and allow participants time to write down their response in the handout.

Reality 4

  • Reality 4 Testimony (choose one from the options below)
    • Watch the video and allow participants time to write down their response in the handout.
  • Small group discussion (10 min): As you experience these 4 Realities and Testimonies what was most significant to you?

5. Brief Explanation of Battle process, pricing and logistics

6. Clarifying what’s at stake reflection (see handout)

7. Closing

  • Small group discussion: What was this event like for you? What feelings and desires were touched?
  • Evaluations reminder: Survey For Participant of Event
  •  Prayer/ DISMISS

After the Event:

  • Please take 5 minutes to fill out the survey for Event Host: Post Event so that we can support you and improve this process for future alumni longing to host introductory events.


  • What do I do if someone asks a question I can’t answer? We are here for you. Contact Us and we can either answer any questions that you have or you can connect us with the person and we are happy to coordinate a time to answer any questions that they may have.